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added episode guide review for Chapter 32




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apologized for the semi-

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added  "The Name Game" quiz, gave answer for "Guess Who" game



added  "Guess Who" game, gave answer for "The Eyes Have It" game



added  "The Eyes have it" game, gave answer for "Place the Face" game



added  graduation speech transcript, "Place the Face" game



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Thanks for a great run folks!  We had a wonderful time being your source for Boston Public information and fun, but as you can see we just aren't able to keep the site up-to-date any longer.  It was a difficult decision to make but we are officially calling the site "closed".  Sadly, since it looks like Tripod will be shutting off all accounts over a certain size limit, we won't even be able to leave the pages up as an archive.

However, the forum will remain open for those steadfast and loyal friends who want to keep on chatting about BP.  (You might even see posts from yours truly there now and then. ;^) )

We wish this excellent series continued success and will ever remain "Boston Public Fans."


Tim and Jen Henderson

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We hope to get episodes 8 & 20 up soon, but there are some technical  problems with those two so it may be a while.


Looking for more great info on Boston Public cast members ?  Go to our Celebrity Links Page for more!  


We appreciate all the hits we've had, but we have one request.  If you choose to use any of our screen captures for your web pages please give us credit for them and put a link to our page on your site.  We'd appreciate the acknowledgement.  It takes a lot of work to put this site together.

     Thank You-----Webmaster Tim

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